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Saturday, January 7th

Saturday, January 7th

We started off today with our bike tour of the city. We met our guides at the hotel and then we walked to get our bikes. It was a struggle at first but I really enjoyed it in the end. We rode throughout the park and saw a lot of people running and rollerblading and skateboarding. There was a rowing club by the lake where members could practice. It was a really nice bike tour especially going downhill in the breeze. We learned a little about the history of Mendoza as well. It is obviously know for its wine but it is also sunny 320 days of the year. It has a desert but is also located by the mountains. There was an earthquake many years ago, which destroyed part of the city. Chile gets a lot more natural disasters but Mendoza gets some crazy disasters every once in awhile. Our bike tour was pretty awesome even though everyone was dead tired. We happened to break 3 bikes along the way, which was pretty funny but everyone made it out alive.

Broken bike #3--oops

We were free in the afternoon to do what we wanted. Our group ate lunch at a place where the electricity went out. It was a pretty adventurous lunch. There was a small wine shop across the street where we found melted down wine bottles. I bought some for myself and my parents and found a bottle of Medalla. We walked around in the park and looked at some vendors who were selling jewelry, bags, and artwork. It was in the high 90’s so we decided to get some gelato and relax for a bit.

We then found a grocery store and bought lunch for the bus ride tomorrow. We went back to the hotel and packed our bags up. We went and got kabobs for dinner around the corner. There was a little boy who was looking at the food and I couldn’t see his parents. I bought him a kabob. He was really appreciative and scarfed it down. We went back to the hotel and me, Alison, Dane and Ben hung out and drank some wine and just chatted. Tomorrow we have an 8-10ish hour drive to Santiago. We are driving through the mountains on a huge bus so it should be pretty interesting.

Overview of Mendoza:
·     * It was a lot more relaxing and laid back then Buenos Aires.
·      *There was a lot of hungry children and dogs on the street. Heartbreaking.
·      *They have a very family oriented atmosphere.
·      *All of Argentina is obsessed with the Simpsons and Disney. It is everywhere!
·      *You have to ask for ice in your drink.

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