Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thursday, January 12th

Thursday, January 12th

Today we got up, packed up our belongings, and checked out of the hotel. We went to the beach but on our way our guide made a couple of spots. He showed us a church on the highway where people travel to for the Immaculate Conception on December 8th, which is a holiday in Chile. They close down the highway we were on and people walk from Santiago to the church. It is about a 2-3 day trip. I thought it was really cool that their nation has such a deep faith.

We stopped in Valparaiso, which was beautiful. The buildings stacked up so high on the hills and were all different colors. The navy is huge there and they had many academies and universities. We stopped along the port, where Chile ships out most of their exports and it was amazing. There was a huge temperature difference between Santiago and the port. It was only about 72 degrees.

We got to shop in some open markets and then we got on the bus to go to Vina Del Mar, which is the most popular beach and is on the Pacific Ocean. Many Argentines come there for vacation. The water was ice cold and was coming up pretty high onto the beach. The beach definitely got a lot more packed during the late afternoon. We got some lunch and just sat on the beach with the sand in our feet. It was a beautiful sight. We hopped back onto the bus and headed out to the airport. Ciao Santiago!

Overview of Santiago:
·      Lots of graffiti but less trash than Argentina
·      Great music in the streets
·      Amazing weather. Not too hot, but just a slight breeze.

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  1. I dig your model pose, you are a stud. Looks like your trip was a success!! Thanks for sharing Jackie!