Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Argentina Fun Fact: The famous Café Tortoni, established before 1880, is considered the mecca of tango.

Argentina Fun Fact: Their beef is said to be the best beef found in the world.

Argentina Fun Fact: Those in Buenos Aires dress elegantly and are very fashion-conscious individuals. Outside of the capital, it is more casual.

South America Fun Fact: You are expected to tip 10% for certain services, such as a taxi ride or a server at a restaurant.

Chile Fun Fact: They are the world’s largest producer of copper.

Chile Fun Fact: You will find sausage at a lot of places due to German influences.

Tip: Don’t wear a lot of fancy jewelry out. Although South America is relatively safe, people may try to steal your jewels and have been known to go to extremes in the past when times were bad.

Tip: Women, make sure you have a bag that goes across your body and keep it on the front of your body instead of behind you. There are pick-pocketers in South America and they will snatch a normal purse or try to dip into an open purse.

Tip: Pack throw away containers for your bathroom supplies so when you come home, you don’t have to worry about it breaking in your bag and ruining any of your clothes.

Tip: If you do buy any liquids and must put them in your carry-on, try to find a container to put it in such as a bubble-wrap container so it won’t break in your bag.

Tip: Make a list of common phrases before you travel. Some suggestions include: How much does this cost?, Where is the bathroom?, Thank you, Excuse me, etc.

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